Newmew Black Polarized Sporty Sunglass


Product Information:

Frame Material:  TR
Frame Shape: Wraparound
Model No.  : NsA-01
Frame Size: 62-21-143
Frame color: Black 
Lens: Polarized

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Embark on your next journey with the Newmew Black Polarized Wraparound Sunglasses: the definitive Black Sporty Sunglass that seamlessly merges sleek design with practicality. Composed of TR, a material celebrated for its adaptability and strength, these sunglasses provide unmatched durability and comfort. Additionally, the wraparound design ensures a secure fit, allowing you to engage in vigorous activities with confidence, as your eyewear stays perfectly in place.

Moreover, the signature Model No. NsA-01 distinguishes itself within the Newmew range, showcasing precision in design paired with functionality. These sunglasses, with their 62-21-143 frame size, are designed to fit comfortably across a spectrum of face shapes, offering extensive protection from bright glares. Furthermore, the classic black frame effortlessly infuses a touch of elegance into both your active and casual looks.

At the forefront of these  Black Polarized Wraparound Sunglasses lies the cutting-edge polarized lens technology, which sharply reduces glare and dramatically enhances clarity. Consequently, whether you’re descending mountain paths, out on the water, or enjoying a leisurely run, the Newmew Black Polarized Sporty Sunglasses act as a vital shield against the elements. They not only improve your vision but also protect your eyes, all the while ensuring that your style quotient remains high.

NewMew sunglasses are perfect for everyday, cultural, traditional, and formal looks. Tailored to fit your lifestyle seamlessly, these sunglasses are the ideal companion for any occasion. Don’t miss out! Place your order now through our website or visit our outlets for a hands-on experience with the epitome of style and sophistication. Connect with us on our social media pages: Facebook and Instagram. We take pride in serving you our quality products at reasonable prices. Elevate your style effortlessly with Newmew Sunglasses.


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