Avaira Vitality Contact Lens


Technical Information

Manufacturer  CooperVision
Brand Name    Avaira Vitality
Product Type   Contact Lens

Type                   Monthly Disposable
Water Content   48%
Lens Material     Omafilcon B
Diameter           14.0 mm
Base Curve        8.6 mm
Usage Duration 1 month
Packaging 3 Lens/box

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Avaira Vitality contact lenses are the comfortable and moist contact lenses by Cooper Vision. Coopervision took the best of the Avaira line and made additional enhancements to increase UB protection as well as water contact. As a result, your eyes stay healthy all day long. Also, the Aquaform lens material is naturally wettable, providing exceptional comfort for your eyes.

The features you’ll love

-Silicone hydrogel contact lenses
-Moist all-day

Safety Measures for Cooper Vision Avaira Vitality :

  1. Wash your hands with water and soap.
  2. Dry your hands completely before touching the contact lenses.
  3. Clean your contact lenses gently using a fresh contact lens cleaning solution.
  4. Make sure to handle the lenses carefully and avoid applying excessive pressure.
  5. Keep your contact lenses in a clean lens case to prevent eye irritation or infection.
  6. Replace the lens case regularly to maintain cleanliness.
  7. Avoid wearing contact lenses overnight to allow your eyes to rest and breathe.
  8. Similarly, refrain from wearing them while swimming to avoid potential contamination or damage to the lenses.
  9. Follow the recommended wearing schedule provided by your eye care professional.
  10. Regularly visit your eye care professional for check-ups and to ensure proper eye health.

Note :

If your contact lenses start to hurt, feel dry, or make your eyes uncomfortable, take them out. Pain and discomfort are signs that something is wrong with your eyes. If this happens often, see your eye doctor to check if the lenses are right for you. Keep your glasses nearby, especially on vacations, so you can rest your eyes when needed and easily remove your contacts if they become uncomfortable.


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