Newmew Retro Black Shaded Sunglasses

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Technical Information:
Frame Material: Polycarbonate
Temple Material: Polycarbonate
Frame Shape: Retro 
Model No.  : Ns-8122
Frame Size: Regular
Lens: Non-Polarized (UV Protected)
Color: Shaded Black
Gender Appeal: Unisex

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Introducing the Newmew Retro Black Shaded Sunglasses, a fusion of vintage charm and modern durability that encapsulates timeless style. Crafted with precision and aesthetic appeal, these sunglasses are adorned with technical features that enhance both the look and performance. The frame, constructed from robust Polycarbonate material, ensures resilience and lightweight comfort throughout extended wear. The matching Polycarbonate temples seamlessly integrate into the retro design, contributing to a cohesive and stylish accessory.

Embracing the classic Retro frame shape, the Newmew sunglasses (Model No. NS-8122) are an homage to iconic fashion eras, offering a distinctive look that transcends trends. The regular frame size ensures a universally flattering fit, making them suitable for a diverse range of face shapes. The non-polarized lenses not only provide optimal UV protection but also present a Shaded Black hue, adding an air of mystery and sophistication to your ensemble.

Step into the world of enduring elegance with Newmew Retro Black Shaded Sunglasses, where technical prowess meets retro allure. Elevate your fashion statement with this accessory that effortlessly marries classic aesthetics and contemporary functionality.

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