Newmew Wooden Round Black Sunglass


Product Information:
Frame Type: Wooden and Polycarbonate Mixed
Frame Shape: Round
Model No. : NS-1526
Frame Size: Medium
Frame color: Black


Designed for:

1. **Unique Style:** Stand out with distinctive round Black wooden frames, expressing individuality and creativity.

2. **Nature Enthusiasts:** Perfect for those who love the outdoors, connecting with nature through stylish accessories.

3. **Fashion-forward Individuals:** Ideal for trendsetters looking to make a bold statement with a unique design.

4. **Versatile Wear:** Suitable for various occasions, enhancing any outfit with the timeless appeal of round Black frames.

5. **Quality Craftsmanship:** Precision-crafted with round brown wooden frames for durability and comfort. The temple part is made of wood, adding a touch of natural elegance.

6. **Conscious Consumers:** Appeals to those who value sustainable and eco-friendly fashion choices.

7. **Modern Design:** The front frame is made of polycarbonate, offering durability and style. The frame color in front is a sophisticated grey, complemented by black lenses for a sleek and contemporary look.

8. **Gift Seekers:** A unique and thoughtful gift for fashion enthusiasts, featuring a stylish blend of distinctive round brown wooden frames, eco-friendly construction, and a modern design with a grey front frame and black lenses.

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we are excited to present the Newmew Wooden Round Black Sunglasses. This variation adds a modern and sleek touch to the collection, enhancing your style with a grey hue that perfectly complements the black lenses.

These sunglasses not only prioritize style and sustainability but also ensure the health of your eyes with built-in UV protection. The round black wooden frames not only make a fashion statement but serve as a reminder of your commitment to eco-friendly choices. Whether you’re strolling through the city or soaking up the sun in the great outdoors, these sunglasses are not just an accessory but a reflection of your conscious lifestyle. Embrace a harmonious blend of fashion and environmental responsibility with the Newmew Wooden Round Black Sunglasses, where each pair becomes a testament to your unique style, love for nature, and commitment to eye safety.


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