Newmew Square Shaped Brown Sunglass


Product Info
Frame Type: Polycarbonate
Frame Shape: Square
Model No.  : NS-81654
Frame Size: Regular Size
Frame color: Brown
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Introducing the Bold Brown Square Sunglasses: a true testament to audacious style and exceptional craftsmanship. Beyond being mere accessories, these sunglasses declare your individuality and unwavering confidence. With their striking brown hue and distinctive square shape, these sunglasses redefine the very concept of making a bold statement. Meticulously crafted, these sunglasses offer more than just visual appeal. They provide essential UV protection, ensuring that your eyes stay shielded from the sun’s harmful rays. Whether you’re engaged in leisurely outdoor activities or navigating the bustling city streets, these sunglasses seamlessly blend style and safety into one captivating package.


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