Newmew Square Blue Baby Sunglass


Product Info

Frame Type: Tr Material
Frame Shape: Square
Model No. : Ns-BB004
Frame Size: Small Size
Sunglass  color: Blue

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Introducing Newmew Blue Baby Sunglasses – Perfect for your adorable little ones! Buy in Nepal at reasonable prices. Explore the best in baby eyewear from Nepal’s top brands.

Crafted with care and designed for comfort, Newmew Blue Baby Sunglasses offer both style and protection for your cute babies. Elevate their fashion game while ensuring their delicate eyes are shielded from the sun. Discover the finest selection of baby sunglasses in Nepal, showcasing the epitome of quality and affordability. Trust in Nepal’s best brands for sunglasses to adorn your little one with the perfect blend of fashion and safety.

Reminder: Our baby sunglasses are tailored to suit kids up to 9 years, ideal for youngsters aged 4-5 years. Prioritize style and sun protection for your little one with our meticulously crafted eyewear.


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