Newmew Shared Purple Womens Sunglass


Product Info
Frame Type: Polycarbonate
Frame Shape: Square
Model No.  : NS-53166
Frame Size: Oversized

Frame color: Black Shared Purple

Newmew Oversized Purple Shaded Girl Sunglass?

New Shared Purple women’ Sunglasses stand out in Nepal for their exceptional combination of style, quality, and comfort. The vibrant purple color adds a unique touch to your look, reflecting modern trends and individuality. Crafted with precision, these sunglasses provide a fashion statement and durability for contemporary women. With Newmew, you’re not just wearing eyewear; you’re embracing a blend of elegance and confidence. Join the trendsetters and elevate your style with Newmew’s exclusive Oversized Girl’s Sunglass in Nepal.

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Discover the elegance of Purple Sunglass, meticulously crafted with the finest materials, seamlessly blending style with durability. Experience perfection at affordable prices with our exclusive eyewear collection. Whether you prefer the ease of online shopping on our website or the immersive experience of our physical outlets, Newmew invites you to elevate your eyewear game. Stay updated on the latest trends and releases by connecting with us on social media. Choose Oversized Purple Shaded Sunglass – where fashion seamlessly meets quality, bringing you the epitome of stylish sophistication.


The perfect blend of chic style and sophistication. Elevate your fashion game with these trendy purple shades, meticulously designed for the modern girl. Crafted with precision, our sunglasses offer both flair and comfort. Explore the allure of oversized elegance and shop now on for the latest in affordable and fashionable eyewear.


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