Flat Rock


Product Info
Frame Type: PolyCarbonate
Frame Shape: Flat Rock
Model No.  : NS-23617
Frame Size: Medium 
Color: Shining  Black
Lens: Polarized

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Introducing Newmew Flat Rock  Sunglass: Newmew Elevate your style with New Mew’s Sunglass. Embrace the perfect blend of classic and modern design, and step into a world of fashion-forward elegance. Explore our collection now and make a striking statement wherever you go.

Key Details about the Products: 

1. Pc Front Frame: Durable Extraordinarily, tough, and has significant impact resistance.

2. Cp Arms: Cellulose Propionate is good quality plastic Light Weight and hypoallergenic ( non-allergic material).

3. Inner Arms Metal Rods: Make them stronger, allowing for easy adjustments to fit your head helping things work better, adding a stylish touch, and helping glasses sit comfortably in your face.

4. Lens: Category 3.0 polarized offers a high sun glare reduction and complete UV protection, ideal for bright sunny environments.



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