Newmew Black Wraparound Polarized Sporty Sunglass


Product Information:
Frame Material: TR
Temple Material: TR
Lens: TAC(Polarized)
Frame Shape: Wraparound
Model No.  : NS-02
  • Frame width:143 mm
  • Lens width: 60.2 mm
  • Lens height: 42.7 mm
  • Bridge width:15 mm
  • Temple Length: 127 mm
Color: Black

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Introducing the NewMew Sporty Black Polarized Sunglasses

Model NS-02 stands at the forefront of eyewear innovation, merging solid functionality with striking design. Crafted for durability, the TR frame and temples provide remarkable strength and flexibility. The contemporary square shape updates and accentuates your features, while dimensions ensure a harmonious fit. Dressed in classic black, these sunglasses are a staple for any wardrobe.

Feature Highlights:

  • Durable TR frames and temples withstand active use.
  • TAC polarized lenses boost clarity and ease eye strain.
  • Modern square shape flatters all facial contours.
  • Precisely sized for comfort, fitting all lifestyles.
  • Timeless black matches any outfit and occasion.

Ideal for Active Lifestyles:

  • Marathon Runners: Trust in eyewear that grips securely through intense runs.
  • Cyclists and Bikers: Count on protective gear for safety across unpredictable landscapes.
  • Water Sport Enthusiasts: Enjoy glare-reduced visibility for peak aquatic performance.
  • Golfers: Seek clear vision for precision in full sun.
  • Winter Athletes: Rely on glare protection and snow contrast.
  • Climbers: Use eyewear that stays put during challenging climbs.
  • Anglers: Benefit from clearer underwater views with less glare.
  • Tennis Players: Focus on the ball without distracting reflections.
  • Hikers: Depend on versatile eyewear for varied light conditions.

Seamlessly shifting from high-energy action to relaxed city life, the Newmew Sporty Black Polarized Sunglasses excel for those valuing endurance, comfort, and modern style.

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