Newmew 5 in 1 Magnetic Sunglass


Product Info
Frame Type: Polycarbonate and Metal
Frame Shape: Square
Model No.  : NS-2326
Frame Size: Normal

Frame color: 5 different Colors i.e. Black, Silver, Blue, Brown, Yellow

Polarized: Black Lens is Polarized

 Newmew 5  in 1 Magnetic Sunglass:

  1. Polarized Lens (Black): Significantly reduces glare and enhances visual clarity, making it perfect for outdoor activities and sunny days.
  2. Clear Lens: Provides excellent visibility in low-light conditions or at night, ensuring safety and comfort during evening activities.
  3. Gradient Lens: Adds a touch of style with a smooth transition of color, combining fashion with varying levels of sun protection.
  4. Colored Lens: Infuses your look with vibrant hues, allowing you to express your personality and stand out in any crowd.
  5. Mirrored Lens: Boasts a sleek and modern appearance while reducing glare and offering additional protection against intense sunlight.


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Introducing the  Multi-Lens Fashion Shades- Newmew 5 in 1 Magnetic Sunglass—a revolution in eyewear versatility and style. Crafted to meet the diverse needs of individuals, these sunglasses redefine the concept of adaptability. Ideal for outdoor and sports enthusiasts, as well as those seamlessly transitioning between indoor and outdoor environments, the set’s magnetic feature allows effortless lens switching. This versatility ensures optimal vision and eye protection in various lighting conditions, making it the perfect companion for a spectrum of activities. What sets Newmew apart is not only its commitment to functionality but also its dedication to quality. Offering a premium collection at the lowest price, Newmew ensures that style, affordability, and practicality converge seamlessly in every pair of 5 in 1 Magnetic Sunglasses. Embrace the freedom to express your style while meeting the demands of your dynamic lifestyle.

These sunglasses are best suited for individuals who want flexibility in eyewear to adapt to various situations. For example, outdoor enthusiasts, sports enthusiasts, or those who frequently transition between indoor and outdoor environments may find 5 in 1 magnetic sunglasses beneficial. The ability to switch lenses allows for optimal vision and eye protection in different lighting conditions, making them a practical and versatile choice for a range of activities and preferences. Additionally, Newmew offers quality sunglasses at the lowest price, ensuring affordability without compromising on style or functionality.


Explore the pinnacle of eyewear innovation with the Multi-Lens Fashion Shades- Newmew 5 in 1 Magnetic Sunglass collection. This groundbreaking design offers unparalleled adaptability, making it the ideal choice for those who demand more from their sunglasses. Whether you’re a fashion-forward trendsetter or an outdoor enthusiast, the convenience of effortlessly switching between lenses caters to your every need. To discover even more stylish options, delve into our extensive Newmew Eyewear Store Sunglasses Collection here. At Newmew, we don’t just provide sunglasses; we offer a lifestyle upgrade. Elevate your eyewear experience with the perfect fusion of fashion, functionality, and affordability, all available at your fingertips.


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