Limitless Square Matte Black Polarized Sunglass


Technical Information:
Frame Material: TR
Temple Material: TR
Frame Shape: Square
Lens: TAC(Polarized)
Frame Size: 54-20-149
Model No.  : ls-5213
Color: Matte Black

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Introducing Matte Black Polarized Sunglasses: “Limitless Square Shiny  Black Sunglass,” a premium creation from Newmew, meticulously designed for style aficionados. Immerse yourself in sophistication with the striking Matte Black.

Introducing Matte Black Polarized Sunglasses: “Limitless Square Matte Black Sunglass,” a premium creation from Newmew, designed for style aficionados. Immerse in sophistication with a striking Black color and high-quality TR material. These sunglasses elevate your look with a perfect blend of design and versatility. Step into a world where elegance meets innovation, as Newmew brings limitless possibilities in eyewear fashion.

Tailored for outdoor enthusiasts, Limitless Square Black  Sunglass features durable TR materials, ensuring resilience for an active lifestyle. The LS-5213 model’s polarized lenses offer optimal clarity, a practical choice for those valuing style and functionality. Boasting versatile unisex appeal with a square frame, Peach color, and comfortable size (54-20-149), this sunglass caters to a broad audience appreciating fashion and versatility. For tech-savvy fashion aficionados, the precision-designed sunglass, equipped with TR frame materials and polarized lenses, is a must-have accessory striking the perfect balance between innovation and sophistication. Whether embracing outdoor adventures, seeking unisex elegance, or desiring tech-savvy chic, Limitless Square Shining Black  Sunglass offers a comprehensive solution at the intersection of style and functionality.

Discover the versatility of Limitless Sunglasses, perfect for everyday, cultural, traditional, and formal looks. Tailored to fit your lifestyle seamlessly, these sunglasses are the ideal companion for any occasion. Please place your order now through our website or visit our outlets for a hands-on experience. Connect with us on our social media pages: Facebook and Instagram, We take pride in serving you our quality products at reasonable prices. Elevate your style effortlessly with Newmew Sunglasses.


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